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Ashes of Al'ar

Ashes of Al'ar

The Ashes of Al'ar is a heavy role-playing guild on the Moon Guard server of World of Warcraft. Having participated in the Symphony of Silvermoon, the guild primarily focuses on the lore and role-play surrounding the Sin'dorei, commonly known as Blood Elves.

“Once, we were Kings. Now, we shall be Emperors.”

In the beginning: Not all of Kael’thas’ chosen were so eager to denounce the House of Sunstrider following his betrayal. While small in number, the Imperialists were the remnants of the old Thalassian campaign on Outland. Publicly, these holdouts feign fealty to the Regent Lord, though many are quite sincere;

"For Prince Kael'thas himself appointed Lord Theron, and his station is to be respected."

In secret, however, they pine for the restoration of the Sunstrider Dynasty and the Architectural restoration of the Thalassian Empire. In the eyes of the Imperialists, Sin’dorei are destined to be stewards of Azeroth, and wise curators of the magic she blessed them with. Rumors of a claimant to the Sunstrider name are held fast to by members of this party, though many others are quick to dismiss such an idea as myth.

With their numbers decimated during the events of Symphony of Silvermoon, the Imperialists have humbled themselves and gone deep underground in order to continue their goals under the watchful eyes of the Thalassian State. To avoid execution and accusations of sedition, they have cloaked themselves in the sincere guise of altruism, forming a Community Outreach Program, known as the “Fellowship of the Phoenix”, which acts as a magnanimous front of “Noblesse oblige” for their subterfuge. In shadows they whisper loudly:

"We are Monarchists!"

Much of their old, more exclusive creeds have been altered or outright abolished to better integrate and benign themselves with the inclinations of the Horde. Their creed has been outlined below:

  • Seek peaceful independence from the Alliance and the Horde, but recognize & respect their worth
  • Architectural restoration of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas
  • Support the reinstatement of the Sunstrider Dynasty through an heir apparent as a Figurehead
  • Liberal use of magic to achieve and maintain independence
  • Unification of all Elves across Azeroth through Total Elvish Solidarity
  • Respect for all of Azeroth's children
  • Honor and restoration through humbleness, for pride was their shame and destruction

For more information, see our F.A.Q. located in the Application link at the top of this page.

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